CSIRT-TN Mission

CSIRT-TN shall strive to protect, detect, oversee, foresee, proactively and reactively safeguard the Information Assets from ICT threats and shall be one point trust contact for cyber incidents to ensure cyber resilience of the state’s critical information infrastructure.”

  • Ensure a resilient cyber infrastructure for the state;
  • Provide a systemic proactive, reactive and quality response infrastructure to cyber incidents;
  • Monitor the critical information and infrastructure from real time and persistent cyber threats;
  • Predict cyber threat from gathering global intelligence to prepare for future threat management;
  • Research and Assessment of vulnerabilities for a proactive and optimized protection for data and its container systems;
  • Competent cybercrime investigation, evidence collection and forensic analysis;
  • Coordinate communication among state level and national CSIRT cyber incident response teams;
  • Promote awareness, knowledge exchange and capacity building in cybersecurity;

Tip of the week!

Use Two-Factor Authentication

It’s important to have a strong password, but it’s even more imperative to have two-factor, or multi-factor, authentication. This method provides two layers of security measures so if a hacker can accurately guess your password, there is still an additional security measure in place to ensure that your account is not breached.

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